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The Benefits of Hiring Fire Protection Services

Aries is the best and advanced fire protection software lauded by all! It is very helpful as mobile fire inspection software which has no competitors! It is very easy to start without any extra costs. There are no down payments, no contracts, etc. All one has to do is register and start using it for free for 30 days!

Aries has been awaited by many fire protection professionals:

The Benefits of Hiring Fire Protection Services
  • It helps in completing all inspection reports with easy-to-use mobile applications.
  • It can organize and store reports on its secure cloud database.
  • One can steer ahead of the competition
  • The user can impress its customers
  • All full-fledged reports can be delivered right from the field.
  • The software helps one to work in a smartest and fastest way
  • It increases the customer’s bottom line

Aries provides Fire Inspection Reports:

  • It provides a dashboard for setting up customers, helps in creating recurring inspections, scheduling and dispatching.
  • It provides cloud storage to keep all fire inspection reports depending on the type of system tested like alarm, sprinkler, extinguisher, etc.
  • The software helps organize the reports by the date and can be pulled out whenever needed.

 More than creating fire inspection reports:

  • One can create proposals from the office or the field as well!
  • It helps in increasing cash flow without any hassles

 Aries helps in current and compliant with both NFPA & Joint Commission. Aries software company also has a Building Information section where your office staff can review the building information before scheduling an inspection.

You can see how many techs are needed, what types of licenses they must have (The inspection may need a fire alarm license as well as a sprinkler license.) They can see the cross streets, the contact person, the contact phone number if a key is needed for the riser room, etc. Never send a tech to a job unprepared again. 

The fire protection services benefits have access to the Building Design Information from the field also. They can check the alarm panel, who is monitoring it, the monitoring phone number, and the account number. How to mute the audible, where the sprinkler rise is located, location of ITVs, etc. The technicians and office staff are thus better prepared to conduct their operations efficiently!

The Next-generation software for inspection and testing:

Aries is the best and complete mobile fire inspection company, easy to use, and no licensing fee! No need for special hardware to track and compile fire inspection reports! To use the software, one can register online to obtain a username and password.


Aries fire inspection gives accurate and verifiable reports. All inspection reports are reviewed and verified online. The users can get access to create, edit and manage the data and reports in their accounts. Regular data backups and instant records can be made available. The ROI is very high due to the reliability and accuracy, dependable nature of the software!

Aries software helps in boosting business efficiency! Aries software improves the workflow and eases communication! Using fire protection in one’s business allows inspection daily without compromising compliance.

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